Maintenance method of cables and internal devices in electric control cabinet

Daily maintenance:

1. Inspection and maintenance cycle time: half a month or once a month;

2. Inspection and maintenance specific content:

①First cut off the power supply and clean the dust inside and outside the electric control cabinet.

②Check the cables and electronic devices in the electric control cabinet, whether the wires and cables are falling off or abnormally hot, and solve the problem immediately.

③ If the contact point is melted or the temperature of the electromagnetic coil is too high, the posture is not sensitive, the protective equipment is prevented from being oxidized by air, and the parts that fall off from the damaged operating mechanism should be replaced immediately.

④ Check whether various sensors and instruments are installed and fixed for loosening. If there are common faults, they should be properly handled.

⑤Under normal working voltage, if there is abnormal hum in the operation of contactors, solenoid valves, relays and other detection components, they should be replaced immediately.