LS Cable supplies optical cable products to Viettel, the largest mobile operator in Vietnam

[Cable Network News] LSCV, a subsidiary of South Korean cable manufacturer LS Cable & System, recently supplied the required optical cable products to Viettel, the largest mobile operator in Vietnam.

Viettel is a state-owned enterprise that occupies about 50% of the Vietnamese market, and is conducting high-speed communication network construction projects in Southeast Asia and Africa, as well as in Vietnam.

LSCV built a new fiber optic cable facility in 2015 as demand for fiber optic cables surged in Asia. Since then, with the technical strength of the Korean headquarters, the competitiveness of technical products such as multi-core optical cables and external optical cables has been ensured and supplied to Vietnam, Southeast Asia and South America.

Baek In-jae, CEO of LS Cable & System Asia Ltd., said: "The significance of this contract is that it expands the customer base from small internet operators to large telecom operators. We are also ready to partner with other major telecom operators in Vietnam. signing the contract."

In Vietnam, the high-speed communication network construction business that was stagnant due to the COVID-19 pandemic has resumed, and the demand for communication cables is rapidly increasing with the increase in Internet data center (IDC) construction.

"The communications cable facility is in full operation due to increased domestic demand in Vietnam and exports to the U.S.," the company said. "We are enhancing our business by expanding our facilities, and at the same time, we are trying to increase profitability by improving our product mix."

LS Cable & System Asia Ltd. announced plans to expand its facilities in early June this year as exports to the United States surged, LSCV's other telecom product, LAN cables.