County Neteo River West Power Electric Public Notice: November Xinxin increased 3 bad behavior

[Cable Network News] On November 15, the State Grid Corporation of According to the relevant provisions of the "Management Rules for Handling Bad Behaviors of Suppliers", State Grid Jiangxi Electric Power has dealt with suppliers who have problems such as product quality problems and dishonest performance of contracts.

This is the first notification on the handling of bad behavior of suppliers issued by State Grid Jiangxi Electric Power in November. Among them, 3 new bad behaviors were added in November; 88 bad behaviors have been notified since 2018; 19 bad behaviors that have not been rectified and continued to be punished in previous years.

The three new bad behaviors in November all belonged to Grade III quality problems, so they were punished by suspending the company's qualification for winning bids for relevant tenders in Jiangxi Company for 2 months. The penalty period is from November 15, 2018 to January 2019. 14th of May.

Of the other reported bad behavior, only one partial rectification has been completed. The supplier is Hefei Huawei Automation Co., Ltd. Due to the appearance quality defect of the medium and high voltage fuse samples of the 10kV column-mounted transformer platform long set equipment provided by the company, the copper castings were broken. Therefore, from February 6, 2018 to April 5, 2018, the supplier was sentenced to suspend the bidder's qualification for winning the bid for Jiangxi Company's 10kV column transformer station complete set of equipment for 2 months. As of the announcement, the supplier has completed some rectifications.

It is reported that on the same day, State Grid Jiangxi Electric Power also released the "State Grid Jiangxi Electric Power Co., Ltd. Announcement on Removing Bad Behaviors of Eighteen Suppliers 2018-11-15" on the State Grid Corporation's e-commerce platform. Suppliers who have passed the acceptance inspection by the project unit have been lifted from the penalty for the restriction of relevant material categories.