Electric network business Hanabato like house?

In the next 10 years, the development speed of my country's cable industry will be higher than GDP, reaching 8%-10% and above. The demand of the cable industry is mainly due to the following factors:

(1) The construction of a strong smart grid will provide the industry with broad market demand and innovation space

The overall goal of power grid development in the 12th Five-Year Plan period is: to build a grid with UHV grid as the backbone, coordinated development of power grids at all levels, with the characteristics of informatization, automation and interaction, safe and reliable, economical and efficient, clean and environmentally friendly, transparent, open and friendly The interactive unified strong smart grid realizes the upgrade and leap from the traditional power grid to the modern power grid. By 2015, strong northwest and northeast power grids and UHV receiving power grids will be built, and the power grid's ability to optimize resource allocation will be greatly improved. The key cities have formed a strong network pattern of 500 (330) kV, 220 kV main grid and 220 kV, 110 (66) kV regional power supply. The rural power grid has built a 110 kV (66 kV) main grid frame with a 220 kV substation as the hub, and the county power grid and key users have fully realized dual power supply. A smart grid operation control and interactive service system has been basically formed, and major breakthroughs have been made in key technologies and equipment. Major changes in the scale of power grid construction and development methods will bring huge market demand and innovation space to the industry.​​