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Yantai Xinmu Cable Co., Ltd., founded in 1995 , is a wholly owned subsidiary of listed companies "Xinchao Industry"(stock code:600777) Since establishment, we have been dedicating to manufacturing and R&D of CATV Coaxial Cables and Data Cables for broadband transmission. During more than15 years, we never stop developing ourselves. The main products at present are CATV Physical High Foaming Coaxial Cables, 50 Ohms RF Coaxial Cables for wireless communication, LAN Data Cables and Cabling Accessories. The coaxial cable mainly includes RG6, RG11, RG59, RG7 series drop cable , XM500,XM540 trunk cable and 50 ohms RF wireless communication cable . The LAN cable mainly includes Cat5e UTP/FTP , Cat6 UTP/FTP , Cat7 SSTP/SFTP, patch cable etc. Accessories include patch cord, rj45 plug, patch panel etc . Our products and services have been applied to various fields of frequency, video and data transmission, etc. All products’ technical index meet or surpass the GY/T135 -1998 & SCTE standards and are in compliance with the requirements of ROHS , UL , ISO9001 , ISO14001, CE .With world top-class production equipments imported from the USA , Switzerland and Japan ,the products are of superior quality and have been exported to more than 20 countries and regions of Europe, South Asia , America,etc.
The factory covers an area of 66000 square meters including 28000 square meters of standard workshop and warehouse, with registered  capital of USD 61.121 million .The annual output of coaxial cable is 500,000 kilometers and annual output of data cable is 300,000 boxes.
Our world-first class production equipments :
For Coaxial Cables :
MERRIT DAVIS (USA) Physical High Foaming Production Line
MALLERFER (Switzerland) Physical High Foaming Product
ion line
MERRIT DAVIS( USA) Jacket Production Line .
MALLERFER (Switzerland) Jacket Production line
WARDWELL High-speed Braiding machine ( USA)
THERMALDYNAMICS Aluminum Pipe Production Line
AGILENT network analyzer E5062A AND HP8714ES ,
For Data Cable: 
MALLEFER Sequential Production Line (Switzerland)
BARTELL Backtwist twinner production line (USA)
KINREI Backtwist twinner production line (Japan)
Bartell cabling machine ( USA )
KINREI cabling machine ( Japan)
MALLERFER Jacket Production line ( Switzerland )
Our Hornors :
*Member Unit of “Optical Cable Branch of China Electronic Components Association”
*Vice Chairman Unit of “China Radio and Television Equipment Industry Association”
*Passed the certification of ISO9001 Quality Management System
*Passed the certification of ISO9001 Quality Management System (U.S. UL Version)
*Passed the certification of ISO14001 Environmental Management System
*Passed European CE Quality and Safety Certification
*Passed the U.S. Underwriter Laboratories, Inc. (UL) Safety Certification
*Passed TLC Certification
 *Obtained “Product Network Access License” approved by SARFT
 *Has been appraised as Shandong High-tech Enterprise for many years
 *Obtained “Export Quality License” issued by Shandong Commodity Inspection Bureau
 *All products’ quality is underwritten by People’s Insurance Company of China
*In November 2010, it was awarded as Shandong Star Enterprise of Chinese Patent